A collaborative effort by Pasir Ris Secondary School teachers, Wilfred Teo, Cheng Song Fong and Suhaimi Zainal Shah. This prototype HTML5 interactive simulation programmed using EjsS secured the team a place in the top 3 in a SLS Hackathon.

The idea was to introduce the very first topic in secondary school Mathematics, Numbers, in an exciting and gamified manner which would be particularly useful and appealing to low progress  secondary 1 learners. The simulation would be hosted on the Student Learning Space and weaved into a space-themed story where the simulation would allow the students to check on their prior knowledge while applying and learning new skills as well as knowledge.


The interactive simulation/game basically requires the player to shoot grenades off a grenade launcher into flying UFOs. Numbers are randomly generated to let all players have a personalised feel. The rounds can be made to be adaptive but as of now, the point is to secure scores that add up to the target number. At the same time, one would have to limit the ammunitions used as it is limited.  The game requires the player to click and drag the crosshair to aim and release it to shoot. Players who last the longest and get to the biggest rounds get bragging rights.


We would like to thank the ETD team for organising the competition at INN X CSC and also our wonderful trainers, Lawrence Wee and team.

Also, we would not be able to complete this simulation without the support of our school leaders, superiors and more experienced educators in our school who believed in us and let us join this hackathon to champion the use of interactives to activate learning on SLS.

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